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Alexandra Weston

My buoyant work reflects my constant search for delight in the mundane and everyday.  

A curious use of colour, an extraordinary interest in detail and generous allowance of time give my work big depth.


For my Pöttyök, Squareconfetti, Common Thread and Networked pieces I paint on the reverse side of perspex, resulting in the work being at the back of the acrylic sheet when viewed.  This style is one I have played with and explored since 2009.  I also paints on perspex, as if it is board, for my landscapes and textured work. 


Involved in the design and styling industry while residing in fragrant Hong Kong, I honed my skills, becoming a full time artist in 2017.  I have since shown my work at a number of solo and group exhibitions, in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland and I sell to collectors in all corners of the world.

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