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Brenda Clews

Although I live in Auckland, the Coromandel is where I feel most at home.

The beach, the trees, nature - raw and beautiful, are the subjects of most of my work. My process is very much an organic, natural approach to painting.

I take my camera everywhere and try to capture images out on walks at the park or on the beach. I take them home and set about transferring that feeling of being out in nature to the canvas. Beginning with sweeping, free-flowing layers of colour juxtaposed with definitive markings and outlines to create the composition and story of each piece.


My style is eclectic in colour, style and form, I love the freedom painting gives me, an escape from the everyday.

Being actively creative with paint on the canvas has always been a kind of therapy for me, I often lose myself in the moment when I paint.

The added attraction is the element of feeling like I'm immersing myself in nature, even from within my studio.

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