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Nathan Ingram

Nathan Ingram, or pseudonymously Dr Suits, is an Ōtautahi-based artist and designer with backgrounds in fashion and urban art.

Capturing the public imagination with a range of post-quake street interventions, Ingram’s creative output has diversified over time, shifting between settings and exploring processes and materials, from bold ground murals to elegant paintings on glass. This evolution reveals an adventurous nature as a maker not beholden to traditions and as comfortable embracing grand change and the potential of chance as he is fixating on refining ideas through repetitive process.

Ingram’s current work is grounded in the qualities of line, colour, surface and texture, juxtaposing the influence of the urban environment as a space of transient presence and constant physical flux with the calm repose of the studio. Varying in scale, and at times spanning framed surfaces, Ingram’s paintings grapple with the balance of order and chaos, a sense of poise often masking more energetic or physical exertions.

Ingram’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around Aotearoa and overseas, including the permanent collection of the Canterbury Museum. His public works span various cities and he has been included in festivals such as Taupo’s Graffiato (2021) and Ōtautahi’s Spectrum (2015) and Flare (2022).

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